Theonera & Company: Hire with Confidence.

Theonera & Company is a premier employment firm that combines the strengths of human interaction and technology. We assist our clients with their employee value chain from background screening, recruitment, on-boarding and training. A robust and integrated solution is what companies require to successfully engage, develop, motivate and retain talent. With over 25 years of experience and award winning recognition as a premier employment agency, Theonera & Company has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve a distinct advantage.

Theonera & Company provides:

  • Extensive background screening;
  • Personalized recruitment services;
  • Employee onboarding and training.

Contact John Francis, Managing Partner today at

“John has been a key external source for my company for many years. Throughout that time, he’s performed two primary tasks.

First, John helped with the process of recruiting and filtering potential employees for our two locations, Winnipeg and Kitchener. The quality of those candidates has been excellent, and we’ve made several successful hires from the candidate pool.

Second, John has been an excellent “stand-in” Human Resources director. Every year, he sat down with each employee in the Kitchener office to help the Winnipeg Head Office staff to take the pulse of the business. He developed an excellent framework for questions and provided excellent insight and commentary that the management team was able to leverage for professional development plans and moving the business forward in Kitchener.

I would recommend John to any expanding business looking to outsource or augment its Human Resources needs.”

Marty Fisher,