The Next Big Thing

What is it and where can you find it before its too late?

Rebranding yourself

Some useful perspectives on re-branding your image no matter how you want to present yourself

How not to lose your job to a robot

With the coming of AI here is the one thing you need not to lose your job to a robot

HR’s place at the Board Table

HR can become the forgotten piece at the Board level, it shouldn’t be. Here is a valid case for its presence

Redefine Yourself

Nothing remains static including your job. Its important to manage and maximize change

An interesting discussion on the middle class in the US

If you have sometime today this audio provides an interesting and thought provoking take on the middle class in America

Staying relevant

To survive in the business world you need to be open mined and challenge your status quo

Lets actually talk

Talking is making a come back. Yes the tried and true saying prevails: ‘The more things change the more they stay the same’