Steven Hoffner and 383 Pictures – Episode #57

In speaking with Steven Hoffner Founder of 383 Pictures I soon realize the governing principle to everything that he is and does: “Dont be afraid to take risks or to fail”.  Steven’s passion comes out strong and true in this  episode, enjoy.

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Kaylyn Belcourt and Copernicus Educational Products-Episode 56

In speaking with Kaylyn Belcourt President of Copernicus Educational Products I learn a valuable life lesson: Say Yes more often and be persistent in your endeavours. Kaylyn’s true passion for her work clearly comes out in our conversation.


Brad Palmer and Jostle Episode #55

In speaking with Brad Palmer CEO of Jostle I discover his love and passion for solving problems and bringing people together.

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Shiva Bhardwaj and Pitstop – Episode 54

In  my conversation with Shiva Bhardwaj CEO of Pitstop I discover his youthful wonder and  learn about his true passion and love of technology.

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Maria Auma and Blue Luxury Investments-Episode #53

In my conversation with Maria Auma Founder of Blue Luxury Investments I discover her deep passion for building African businesses.  Her passion for making Africa realize its full capacity is truly engaging.

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