Jocelyn Doucet and Pyrowave

Some CEO’s only speak about positive change Jocelyn Doucet CEO of Pyrowave is a full blown doer. His innovative and active mindset is changing the waste to resource discussion. Listen to my discussion with Jocelyn and understand what making a difference is all about.

Meredith Cochrane and BFO Toronto

In my conversation with Meredith Cochrane ED of BFO Toronto I soon realize the personal depth that she possesses. The human connection is so vitally important for her and it is fundamental to any semblance of success.

Steve Ardire – Force Multiplier

In my conversation with Steve Ardire AI Startup and Force Multiplier we discuss many pertinent and personal matters. I get to know how a trained geologist has become a contemporary and sought after Thinker. Listen to Steve’s insights and find out his secrets.