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Define success for me.

As the owner of Theonera Inc , a recruitment and retention firm I have had the great pleasure of working with and speaking with some of the brightest business minds. Here is a short segment from one of my podcasts at Work Passion Fit. Define success for me is the question, listen to the wisdom […]

Nathon Kong and Nathon Kong Label

In speaking with clothing designer Nathon Kong https://www.nathonkong.com one thing becomes absolutely clear.  Nathon  has a deep and profound appreciation of his community and deeply cares for his surroundings. Business as a partnership and friendship is something Nathon espouses.

Wayne Conrad and Omachron

In speaking with Omachron https://www.omachron.com  Chief Scientist Wayne Conrad I soon discover a unique approach to innovation “move forward by moving back”. Listen to my engaging conversation with Wayne and find out what he means by that.