Entries by John Francis

Mark Coleman and Tambora Ventures

In speaking with Mark Coleman Managing Partner of Tambora Ventures I was utterly taken aback with his high energy and true love of mentorship. Mark is a believer in business values and ethics and is a needed and refreshing voice for everyone to listen to.

Jonathan Spinks and Sourced Group

For Jonathan Spinks Founder and CEO of Sourced Group https://www.sourcedgroup.com success is grasping opportunity and providing meaningful change. In my discussion with Jonathan it becomes evident that IT is more than just the latest technology it’s an art form.

Alex Eremia and Bingewith

When Alex Eremia founder of Bingewith https://bingewith.com/about joined the podcast I was immediately blown away by her insights, intelligence and love of life. A deep thinker who is always looking at life from a creative viewpoint Alex instantly became an impactful guest.