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Ilana Milkes and World Tech Makers

Pioneers take a risk and that is precisely what CEO Ilana Milkes did http://www.worldtechmakers.com Being true to yourself and valuing your individuality  is taking Ilana to great heights. Theonera & Company is a premier employment agency that combines the strengths of human understanding and technology.

Karl Hancock and Nub News

Is the local news as we know it Dead? No. Karl Hancock of Nub News nub.news   is changing the page on the old, dated medium and is bringing life back to communities. Bravo to his innovative thinking. Changing the narrative of recruitment is what Theonera and Company is all about. Dont let old methods of […]

Montu Chadha and Appsonnet

What is success for Montu Chadha CEO of Appsonnet https://appsonnet.com ? Well its not a simple answer. But finding value in whatever we do is an important aspect of ones success. If you need to find qualified IT professionals have Theonera & Company assist your talent management needs.

Brian Paes Braga

How does Brian Paes Braga http://brianpaesbraga.com define success? Here’s a clue: you need to be comfortable being alone. Its not as easy as it sounds. If you need to be innovative with your talent management and background screening needs contact Theonera and Company.  

Ata Zad and Axipolymer

The love of a good challenge and changing one’s perspective is what Ata Zad is passionate about. Listen to my talk with Ata Zad Axipolymer CEO http://www.axipolymer.com The circular economy can be applied to talent management too. Theonera and Company leads the way in talent optimization.

Elissa Unton and Arcvida

Career Coaching otherwise known as People helping People is truly what Arcvida  https://arcvida.com  CEO Elissa Unton is all about. Creating a world of engagement and developing careers is the Why behind the what for Elissa. Theonera and Company is a talent management firm that trains and develops staff, find out more at http://www.theonera.com

Ava Pipitone and HostHome

Ava offers the listeners of Work Passion Fit a unique perspective. As Founder of HostHome  https://www.hosthome.community she truly believes fear can be your friend. Listen to her story and get a better understanding of what success truly is.  

Patrice Drayton and Marilyn’s Secret

So much about how we approach life is affected by our perception. Patrice Drayton CEO of Marilyn’s Secret http://www.marilynssecret.org is passionate about changing your perception. Marilyn realizes change is inevitable so lets be honest about ones experiences. Listen to my conversation and take in her wisdom.

Remy Meraz and Me Tyme

What happens when everything you know disappears and all you have is anguish? Remy’s story is a real life tale of pushing through fear and discovering yourself. She is an inspiration to all and a great way to begin 2020. https://www.metymenetwork.com