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Casey Binkley and HaulerAds -Episode 83

In speaking with Casey Binkley CEO of HaulerAds https://www.haulerads.com it becomes evident that for Casey                          it is “ok to fail”.  Being super curious is what propels Casey in everything that he does and is at the root of his passions. Do you have a […]

Andrew Barnes and Perpetual Guardian-Episode 81

In speaking with Andrew Barnes Managing Director of Perpetual Guardian https://www.perpetualguardian.co.nz I discover one of life’s guiding principles “not doing something is more risky than trying something” . Andrew shares his wisdom and business acumen throughout my conversation with him, I had a wonderful time just talking with him. Do you have a passion to share? […]

Andrew Marc Rowe and The Yoga of Strength-Episode 78

In speaking with Author Andrew Marc Rowe https://www.andrewmarcrowe.com it becomes evident quite quickly that he  is living a life of passion and purpose. The trials in his life have not shackled him but rather have enabled him to live a life with purpose. Do you have a passion to share? Contact me at john@theonera.com