Entries by John Francis

James Eden and Private White VC

Don’t believe people when they say nothing is made in the West anymore. James Eden is President of Private White VC https://www.privatewhitevc.com makers of fine clothing. Listen to my conversation with James and embrace his passions and love, most of all learn this one valuable trait: “take life a little less seriously”.

Nicholas Bayerle and Billion Dollar Body

In speaking with CEO Nicholas Bayerle from Billion Dollar Body http://www.thebilliondollarbody.com I discover quickly that Nicholas is a person who takes full responsibility for his actions and thoughts. It’s easier said than done but in realizing his  fullest potential he has been able  to rise above his personal challenges and find success in life.

Olivia Lin and Studio 1 Labs

Olivia has taken here passion for divergent thinking and applied it to practical human factors. As the Co-Founder of Studio 1 Labs https://www.studio1labs.com she is serious about using technology for purposeful , everyday applications.  

Laura Bryson and SWTCH- Episode 101

Laura Bryson’s story starts at an early age, her love for being outdoors is deeply rooted in her energetic DNA. She has taken her passion and manifested it in SWTCH https://swtchev.com . An innovative company at the forefront of electric vehicles and energy management.

Amir Bormand and Elevano -Episode #100

My centennial episode is a cracker of a show with CEO Amir Bormand of Elevano https://www.elevano.com Amir and I share a deep belief that business is all about leaving a truly positive change. By focusing on people and understanding what the customer needs and wants Amir is changing the talent business to represent all that is […]

Lindsay Lorusso and Nudnik- Episode #99

A waste diversion expert, Lindsay Lorusso has found gold in garbage. Seeing waste as a commodity rather then a blit.  Her personal philosophy of needing to contribute to the greater good Lindsay and her twin sister are business pioneers in every sense of the word. Check out her company at https://littlenudniks.com