Entries by John Francis

Alex Eremia and Bingewith

When founder Alex Eremia and Bingewith https://bingewith.com/about joined the podcast I was immediately blown away by her insights, intelligence and love of life. A deep thinker who is always looking at life from a creative viewpoint Alex instantly became an impactful guest.

Tristan Wright and The Business Sherpa

In speaking with Chief Business Sherpa Tristan Wright https://www.evolvetogrow.com.au. One thing becomes crystal clear in my podcast, Tristan is a true leader. His deep vision is the reason to his success in helping others. Hear about business leadership from Tristan now!

Nathon Kong and Nathon Kong Label

In speaking with clothing designer Nathon Kong and Nathon Kong Label https://www.nathonkong.com one thing becomes absolutely clear.  Nathon has a deep and profound appreciation of his community and deeply cares for his surroundings. Business as a partnership and friendship is something Nathon espouses.

Wayne Conrad and Omachron

Learn about Wayne Conrad and Omachron https://www.omachron.com. Speaking with Chief Scientist Wayne Conrad I soon discover a unique approach to innovation “move forward by moving back”. Listen to my engaging conversation with Wayne and find out what he means by that.

Andrew Marc Rowe-Author

Andrew Marc Rowe https://www.andrewmarcrowe.com is an encore guest of mine. This time around we talk about his passions for writing, philosophy and publishing. Andrew is definitely an author that you need to keep in mind for your next book purchase.  

Domenic Di Mondo and GreenMantra

In speaking with GreenMantra VP of Technology & BD Domenic Di Mondo http://greenmantra.com. His passion for positive social change is contagious. The challenges society faces with plastics and the excessive waste we create is not something overly troublesome for Domenic, his enthusiasm and upbeat approach is evident throughout my conversation. Listen to the Domenic Di […]