Domenic Di Mondo and GreenMantra

In speaking with GreenMantra VP of Technology & BD Domenic Di Mondo his passion for positive social change is contagious. The challenges society faces with plastics and the excessive waste we create is not something overly troublesome, his enthusiasm and upbeat approach is evident throughout my conversation.

Carinne Chambers-Saini and Diva Cup

Carinne Chambers-Saini CEO of Diva Cup is such a refreshing and engaging guest that you just have to listen to her pearls of wisdom that she shares. Her path has not been easy but it has been incredibly rewarding.

Jocelyn Doucet and Pyrowave

Some CEO’s only speak about positive change Jocelyn Doucet CEO of Pyrowave is a full blown doer. His innovative and active mindset is changing the waste to resource discussion. Listen to my discussion with Jocelyn and understand what making a difference is all about.

Meredith Cochrane and BFO Toronto

In my conversation with Meredith Cochrane ED of BFO Toronto I soon realize the personal depth that she possesses. The human connection is so vitally important for her and it is fundamental to any semblance of success.

Steve Ardire – Force Multiplier

In my conversation with Steve Ardire AI Startup and Force Multiplier we discuss many pertinent and personal matters. I get to know how a trained geologist has become a contemporary and sought after Thinker. Listen to Steve’s insights and find out his secrets.


Mark Mezzapelli and Crowdriff

In speaking with Mark Mezzapelli VP of Crowdriff I discover one absolute truth: to explore and love the unknown is the only way to live life to its fullest.


David Ciccarelli and

In speaking with David Ciccarelli CEO of I find out the importance of what he means by the 10/10/10 and the 5-F’s.

Dave Inglis CEO Digital Trades School

Find out what being an ‘Eclectic Millionaire’ is all about from Dave Inglis CEO of Digital Trades School A great conversation with an insightful leader.

Mike Booton and Westminster Mining

In speaking with Mike Booton President of Westminster Mining  he unearths for us a secret to success and one that drives his passion.

Andrew Nisker and Take Action Films

In my conversation with Take Action Films Founder Andrew Nisker I discover that the  driving force behind his accomplishments are his love to explore and to discover the truth. Listening to Andrew provides wisdom into one’s own life.